Terrapin Alaskan


Companion Puppy Buyer Agreement

The breeder agrees to sell a pet quality Alaskan Malamute puppy from litter # _________________ to_____________________________________________________ for the sum of _______________. This puppy is guaranteed to be inoculated with first shots, tattooed (if registered with the CKC), wormed and registered with either The Canadian Kennel Club or The American Kennel Club.

If this dog, by three years of age shows any signs of clinical hip dysplasia or by three years of age is diagnosed with eye cataracts the purchaser must provide the breeder a written evaluation from a veterinarian. Upon receipt of the dog, the breeder will replace it with another of equal value when one is available (a refund will not be given). This dog must be returned alive for decision of fate to be made by the breeder and his/her veterinarian.

The breeder guarantees this puppy to be free of sickness at the time of sale. Should there be any problem or disease which is non-curable, the puppy must be returned within 48 hours of the sale and must be accompanied by a written certificate of non-health from a veterinarian. A replacement of similar quality or refund for the amount originally paid will be given. All liability for disease or injury is waived after this period has elapsed.


The dog must, at all times throughout his life, be provided with a proper fenced yard complete with solid housing, for exercise periods (regardless if the dog is a 'house' pet). Tying the dog on a lease of any sort while unattended, or allowing the dog to run at large is strictly forbidden and will result in the breeder taking the dog back, for placement elsewhere. You will not allow your dog to run free at all in a "leash free" park.

The well being and medical needs of the dog must always be cared for. The dog must be given an annual checkup by a veterinarian, and be given a full set of annual vaccinations recommended by him.

Purchaser must sign a non-breeding contract which will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the dog will be spayed or neutered by 1 year of age. If the purchaser fails to spay/neuter the dog, or breeds the dog, the dog will immediately be returned to the breeder. The purchaser will provide the breeder with a copy of the spay/neuter certificate provided to them from their veterinarian.

For the lifetime of the dog, it will not be placed, given away, sold or put in a lease situation without the written permission of the breeder. The breeder will be given FIRST option repurchase or take repossession of the dog should the purchaser not be able to keep the dog for whatever reason. Under no condition is the dog to be taken to an animal shelter. The dog can not under any circumstance be resold or placed elsewhere other than the purchaser's BEFORE contacting the breeder and without the written permission of the breeder.

The purchaser shall use the kennel name "Terrapin" as a prefix of the registered name. If a suitable name is not chosen by the purchaser, the breeder will choose a registered name.

The purchaser will, at least once a year, advise the breeder of the dog's progression and contact the breeder with any problems or questions that the purchaser may encounter.

Breeders will not be held responsible for any bodily injuries or property damage caused by this dog or by the negligent actions of the purchaser. Purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for this puppy.  

In the event the purchaser fails to perform any provision of this agreement, the breeder may revoke this agreement of sale and reclaim possession of this dog with the purchaser forfeiting all further rights to the dog.

This contract is entered into to ensure the well-being and protection of this Alaskan malamute. It shall not be changed unless agreed upon in writing by both parties. It is further agreed that should any legal action to be taken between the parties in attempt to enforce this contract, or any legal action with Terrapin Kennels, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover expenses, including attorney’s fees. Such legal action must be filed in Middlesex County , London , Ontario , Canada . Should any provision of this contract be found to be unenforceable or void for any reason, the parties intend that the remaining provisions of this contract shall continue in full force and be binding upon the parties.

It is understood that should the Buyer fail to comply with any of the conditions of this contract, the remainder of this contract is cancelled on the part of the Breeders and the Breeders have the right to repossess the dog without financial obligation to the purchaser. If repossession of this dog is required, the original registration papers and necessary signatures will accompany the dog.



The breeder : Cheryl Paterson,  London, Ontario  (519) 644-0097

and the purchaser: ________________________________________________

Signed on this __________________ day of ____________________________.

Breeder : ___________________________________ Purchaser:_________________________________

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